The club was founded in 1984 by a group of loosely organized American Born players who simply wanted to have fun. From 1984 to present day, friendship has been the key to our success. There were years we had great teams and won dramatic championships; and there were seasons without any victories at all; but each and every year, we always had fun.
The club’s success in recent years would suggest that winning has always been a part of this club’s history. this is not true. None of the players on the original teams had any experience; they didn’t even have a coach. After the first three seasons, the Boru still hadn’t won a single game. It wasn’t until our fourth season that we broke through and won our first game. This was the major milestone for our club.

After each and every loss I can remember the opposing team’s captain coming over to thank us for the game. The message was repeated week after week. We were told keep up the hard work,stick together, your getting better, and someday you’ll have a good team. At the time we didn’t like hearing this message. It was frustrating losing game after game but I never herd anyone talk about quitting.

More determined than ever, and with the guidance of a coach, we started to show progress. A few seasons later, we made it to our first junior championship game; and lost. For four consecutive years we made it to that junior championship game; each and every time, we were defeated. Once again, it would have been easy to quit, or to make excuses, but the spirit of this game was already in our blood, we were having fun together, and we were determined to make it to the top.

1993 was the breakthrough year we had been waiting for. Not only did we finally win that junior San Francisco championship, we went on to win the Junior North American Championship. To this day, we are the only team to ever win a North American Championship with a team consisting entirely of American born players.

Although we had accomplished the unthinkable, we continued looking forward. We moved up to the Intermediate division, and began accepting Irish players into our mix. While we continued to have fun, the next five seasons would end with losses in the final or semi final. In 1999, we had another breakthrough year, winning the Intermediate championship and the title of the best team in San Francisco; it was the beginning of six great years to come.

Our club won five San Francisco championships in those six years. The Boru have been the best team in San Francisco, four of the last six years. We have won three championships in a row, and the last two seasons, both of our teams won their respective championships. The highlight of this great run was the appearance at this years North American senior football championship game. The Sons of Boru have developed into one of the most successful and respected clubs in San Francisco’s GAA history.