Player Profiles

Rich Brown:  Big Rich made a return to the fold last year.  His catching of the high ball and distribution has made any forward who has played with him legendary.  (Please refer to Danger Man’s profile below)  The first Boru to lift a cup as Captain of the 1993 North American Championship winning team.
Bernard Brady:  AKA: “Smacker’s Master!” A fiery corner back who is now considered armed and dangerous when he has a shoe in his hand. A very fit footballer and drinker. If your looking for Brady, you will not find him at the Abbey.
Mick Cunningham:  This is the Roscommon man’s first year with the club.  The verdict is still out on Mick,  but his first game did show signs that he could be a keeper.  Not bad for a man whose pick-up line is: “I used to play for the Wolfe Tones in Chicago.”
Andy Fogarty: Former Shannon Ranger who in 2000 finally realized that to be a big boy he had to play with the big boys. Since joining the Boru’s in 2000 he has been solid for us at wing-back. But his biggest contribution to the club is showing up to GAA meetings every week.

Billy Fogarty: Brother of Andy and 2002 club player of the year. Sat out last year with a broken leg which he received during late night running drills. Looking for 2004 comeback player of the year after his diligent rehabilitation. Corner forwards better watch out with Billy once again manning one of the corners.

Brian Guiney: “Big Country” allegedly has a lot of skill. However he has been keeping it a secret for all these years. Looks like another year with the same question. Will the big man be fit? Answers to that question will surely be posted in upcoming posts on this site.

Brendan Hall: Took a one year hiatus from the club to hang out on Beare Island, Co. Cork. Everyone is hoping that the speedy forward picked up a football on the island and fine tuned the very little skill that he has.

Casey Handy: Staunch goalkeeper who is known for his booming kickouts.  Casey made his mark with the club in the North American Finals in Chicago in 2002.  After arriving in Chicago, Casey learned that he left his boots in San Francisco.  Casey refused to buy a pair of boots in Chicago to wear in the Finals.  Instead, Casey said “*#%* Football I’m here to drink.”  Not only did Casey drink, he maintained a constant state of inebriation for the entire weekend.

Marty Kinahan:Another man that returned to the club last year after a lay off and made a huge impact.  Marty’s performance in Boston was stuff that legends are made of.  A pitty we fell a bit short.  Not only one of the best fielders of a ball.  Marty is also the National Soccer Championship winning coach of SRJC. 

Timmy Looney: Without a doubt is definitely the senior man on this club. Many of our fathers have told us that Timmy was one of the best field players in San Francisco. But to all that watch the Boru now “The Loon” is the man between the posts. Hopefully Timmy will come out of retirement one more time to play in goals for the Boru’s.

Gary McDermott:  Was an up and coming star in the New York under-age system. Keyword there is WAS. Still not a bad player who like most of us, has a mandatory appearence clause at Kezar on Monday nights. Biggest contribution to the club so far was being a tour guide in Philly.

Pat McGee: Made a strong comeback into the Boru forward line last year.  A stalwart in the local GAA scene in the late 80’s and early 90’s,  Pat is back terrorizing the oppositions backlines.  Already this year in one game has scored (3-2).

Jimmy McGuigan: He may be small but you cant argue against his grit and fiery temper.  Jimmy has annoyed the City’s top forwards not only with his play but also with his mouth.  Probably has the most colorful vocabulary in the club.

Tom Molloy: When not playing the drums for “Foley’s Shoulder” Tommy plays a major role for the Boru’s at corner-back.  For those who are not sure who Tom is,  you might remember him by his high top boots with the flourescent yellow addidas stripes.

Kevin Murray: The former Naomh Padraig/MacDermott/Ulster Club player has finally found a home with the Boru’s. Not much needs to be said about Kevin’s game. His high fielding at midfield and his free taking ability has puzzled a lot of high priced talent that has been brought into San Francisco.

John Finbarr Manning: His on the field contribution to the club is always over shadowed by what he does on the road. John has single handily made sure that we have all gotten home safely from Chicago and Boston when there representing the City in North American Finals.

John O’Kane: The ever improving corner forward makes his major contribution by keeping the club’s golf handicap look respectable. No matter how many beers John-O throws back you can always expect a 300 yard drive down the middle of the fairway.

Kevin O’Sullivan: Overheard in the Blackthorn this winter is that this is Sully’s last year in a Boru jersey. If that rumor is true forwards throughout America may finally be able to breath a sign of relief. His performance in the Semi-Final in Boston just adds to the Kevin O’Sullivan lore. If any questions about this performance just ask the former Cork intercounty full-forward who had to stand next to Sully that day.

Paul O’Sullivan:  “Doogie Howser”  An avid weight lifter who dabbles with Gaelic Football. 

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T.J. O’Sullivan: Kevin’s younger brother who is probably the most known player in North America at the moment. “The Danger Man” or “El Pelegro Senior” as he is referred to by his many fans in Mexico is a definite goal poacher at Full-Forward. His motto of “take your goals and the points will come” has terrified backs over his football career.

Bertie Penny: If you didn’t know that he once played for the McDermott’s just look at his “Daisy Duke” black shorts and high wearing white socks that he received from his uncle when he first arrived in the City to play for the Mac’s. Formerly known as “Dirty Bertie” he has cleaned up his act a bit since joining the club and is still a very solid corner back.

Brian Reilly: The big midfielder is just one of the Brothers Reilly. His dominating fielding displays usually ends up by him giving the ball off to one of his brothers. Well thats what TJ told this reporter. Stay tuned this year and you be the judge.

Gerard Reilly: Solid back who packs a heavy punch! Been tearing up soccer fields all winter with his shoulder. A real charmer with the ladies, who because of his constant nagging has got me to update this page.

Joe Reilly: One of the best left footed forwards ever seen. Just dont ask him to use his right. As this reporter was told by a female in Chicago: “That old guy you guys have at corner forward is very good.” That comment says it all!

Kevin Reilly: Probably the most dedicated club man at the moment. Surprising for a guy that only a few years ago was looking to form the St. Kevin’s GFC where he hoped to play a starring role. We are all happy that he decided to stay and made his way into the starting thirteen.

Willie Reilly: Although rarely seen around the club in the past couple of years the eldest Reilly brother is a very solid and fiery defender at center-back. Always a welcome addition when he is willing to make the track down from Santa Rosa.

Brendan Robinson: Watch him play once and you will know how he got the name “Crazy Legs.” With an abundance of energy Brendan has been a pest to opponents since he started playing for the Boru. All Boru members and fans will forgive him for his brief stint with the Ulster Club.

Sean Shannon: Came to the club with the Fogarty Brothers and has been an asset in either the half-forward or half-back lines ever since. Although he can get a bit upset when not in the starting thirteen, he releases all his built up frustration when finally brought into the game.

John Sheehan: “Dynamite” looks to be back in the fold after breaking his ankle on a sprinkler head in the second minute of the first championship game, last year at Kezar. Dynamite and so is the rest of the club is looking forward to his new role as manager of the Juniors.

Brendan Uniacke: Brendan has been spotted running on his own all winter in hopes to beat out Timmy Looney and make the goalkeeper position his own this year. If that plan doesn’t work out you can be sure to see Brendan and his cannon right foot tearing up the nets of our opponents goal this year.

Brendan Walsh:  Came to the Boru via the Reilly family.  Is unsure at this point if he is a better footballer or hurler.  However we all know where his loyalties are.  During the Junior hurling final that his team was involved in,  Brendan was more concerned about whether or not their was beer in the parking lot than what the score of the game was.  Quickly shed his Na Fianna jersey for a cold can of Coors with his Boru teammates seconds after the final whistle.


Sean Keighran:  The wheeler and dealer of the club.  If a problem arises Sean gets it done.  (ie: negotiating  contracts with SF school board)  Since Sean started managing the Boru’s in 2002 we have lifted a North American championship cup (The same cup that Sean failed to bring with him to the Blackthorn when we returned from Chicago) as well as two Western Division Board titles.  Sean who wasn’t a bad player in his day has made his major contribution as manager.

Martin Falvey:  The man from Annascaul Co. Kerry is the level head behind the Boru.  A meticulous score keeper/selector lets us all know how many points we scored as well as how many scores we let get away.  Took a lot of abuse for telling the referee that Ulster had two more points than they really had,  in a game that Ulster ended up winning by one point.  A complete investigation of Martin’s loyalty resulted in the finding that Martin just *%#*ed up the score and there was no ill-will intended.

Tom O’Connor: “The Dude” has tried his hardest to distance himself from the Boru board room,  but we just wont let him get away.  Tommy-O always make sure that our summer visitors have work and a place to stay.  Also a huge contributor in drinking sessions at the Blackthorn.